In safe hands


The careful postoperative care provided by Dr. Sala and his team in the OBESITY AND METABOLIC SURGERY UNIT at QUIRONSALUD HOSPITAL VALENCIA makes complications somewhat unusual.

We promote early recovery of the patient with an active postoperative program. The patient stands up and walk 12h after surgery, also with breathing exercises to prevent atelectasis and pneumonia, what minimizes the risk of infection. After checking out for leaks, we recommend a gradually nutritive liquid oral feeding to facilitate healing of sutures. The continuous care provided at the QuironSalud Hospital and the permanent contact with Dr. Sala, the nurses and the dietitian during hospital stay and home postoperative convalescence makes the process of Obesity Surgery simple and safe.

The use of state-of-the-art surgical equipment, both in the operating room using specific stapling devices and postoperatively with the use of pneumatic antithrombotic stockings, makes the procedure more comfortable and reduce risks even more.


The best information for patients is obtained from a quiet interview in the office, pointing questions for later review. No patient should undergo bariatric or metabolic surgery without a complete and detailed information about previous medical studies and the different procedures, knowing and assuming the risks (specific informed consent). Always look for solid and solvent multidisciplinary teams with proven experience, and to ensure adequate long-term monitoring.

The patient is usually admitted the same day of surgery, under antibiotic and thromboembolic prophylaxis. After an uneventful operation and postoperative period, the patient is discharged 48h after with good oral tolerance and dietary information for home care until later revisions.

Usually patients recover well from anesthesia and are brought to their room after surgery, without staying in the ICU.

All patients are discharged under low molecular weight heparin and PPIs for 30 days.

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