Revisional Surgery


After more than 30 years of Obesity Surgery and the evolution of surgical techniques, there are approximately 20% of patients that may fail after 5 years, regaining most of the lost weight, or relapsing some comorbidities, or both.

These failures may be caused in some cases to complications of the original surgical technique, especially in patients operated long time ago with obsolete ancient techniques (eg. Vertical Banded gastroplasty), or choosing a bariatric or metabolic technical inadequate to the patient. However, failures mostly occur because a lack of dietary monitoring in the long term and loss of the therapeutic adherence by patients with abandon of healthy habits. In this regard, both the surgical technique and the follow-up are so important.

With the popularization 10 years ago of some inconsistent techniques with low long-term effectiveness like laparoscopic rings (Lap-Band, already obsolete), BIBs (Intragastric Balloons) or POSE, etc. It is not uncommon to see bariatric (weight) and/or metabolic (comorbidities) failures of these patients.

After long experience, more than 1,000 patients at present, we are used to assess these type of patients, advise which therapeutic options are the most reasonable, and perform  revisional surgery techniques with patient safety, although we know that these cases are always difficult and complex

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