Obesity is a serious social and health problem. Obese patients have major difficulties to have a normal social life, many associated diseases –comorbidities and a shorter life expectancy than that of the normal population. A proper and timely treatment can prevent all these problems, and correct them before they become irreversible.

Obesity Surgery and Surgery of Diabetes are HEALTH

Degree of obesity

To advise the correct treatment it is necessary to calculate the degree of obesity or overweight

Surgical techniques

As every patient is different, there are different surgical solutions to improve their quality of life.

Healthy life

For overweight and obesity is also important to consider: diet, physical activity and motivation…

The origin of obesity is based on the interaction of genetics and environment predisposing trigger, to an imbalance of energy balance caused by increased intake and physical inactivity.

Obesity is the Epidemic of the XXI Century, the so called GLOBESITY. Since 1980 obesity has doubled in the world. In Spain more than half of the population is overweight, and almost 20% are obese. Studies on future predictions warn of a SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in these figures across Europe, with alarming rates of 70% prevalence of overweight and nearly a third of obese patients. But in some countries such as Ireland, it is expected even 90% overweight and 60% obese population.

The association of OBESITY and DIABETES is so intense that has emerged the concept of DIABESITY, who have nearly 400 million people worldwide.

The need to provide health care to all patients suffering from obesity, especially morbid obesity and diabesity, has led us to a monographic dedication since 1996, intensive, comprehensive and individualized to these patients.

QUIRONSALUD Hospital in Valencia have all the human and technical resources necessary to SAFELY resolve these diseases and improve LIFE QUALITY of patients with overweight, obesity and diabetes.


Types of surgeries


Obesity Surgery

Morbid obesity is treated with surgery because of the serious risks of the associated diseases, the low risk of the surgical procedures actually, and low efficacy of medical and dietary treatments with this degree of obesity.

Revisional Surgery

After more than 30 years of Obesity Surgery and the evolution of surgical techniques, there are approximately 20% of patients that fail in the long term follow up. Thus, obesity or overweight may reappear, or comorbidities. This may be sometimes due to complications of the surgical procedure…

DIABETES Metabolic Surgery

Obesity causes resistance to the action of insulin and therefore Type 2 diabetes appears. Actually, we can direct the surgical technique to treat that specific comorbidity and also achieve some weight reduction.

Doctor Sala

We have the most skilled specialists and with Dr. Sala, doctor in medicine and surgery with more than 4,000 surgeries and 20 years of almost exclusive dedication to Endocrine Surgery and Obesity Surgery.



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