Eat well, nourish better. Healthy eating has some basic principles (see section Healthy Diet). However, there are several factors to assess like dietary history, eating habits, diseases, medication and physical activity among others. To do this you should consult your dietitian.

Increase your physical activity and perform at least 30 minutes of daily exercise.

  • Start by moving more:
    • Walk whenever you can.
    • Do not use the elevator.
    • Collaborate in the daily homework. (Down the trash, clearing the table, going shopping, walking the dog, etc.)
  • Continue with scheduled physical activity you’ve always wanted to do. Enroll in groups for dancing, swimming, squash, tennis, paddle or what you always wanted to do. For the moment you may not be the number one in the class, but you will have fun and also burn calories.
  • Keep your purposes and firm goals. Be consistent in your activity.

Abandon bad habits, which are linked to physical inactivity.

  • Limit your time watching TV and computer, and invest in activities.
  • Stop smoking. Smoking, as well as being extremely harmful to your health, directly and indirectly affects your physical condition, making it worse with time.

Limit your intake of alcohol. Although it is true that scientific studies show that small alcohol consumption (2 glasses of red wine/day for men and 1 glass of red wine/day for nonpregnant women) may be beneficial to health, we must not take this as a role model.

If you do not drink already we advise you not to start drinking. And if you normally do, then you should limit consumption because alcohol is an addictive substance and adds empty calories (no nutrients) to the body.